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Management Team

Uri Bettesh, CEO, PGHD startup, Datos Health

Uri Bettesh
Co-Founder and CEO

Uri Bettesh has rich experience in developing, marketing and implementing software platforms at world-leading companies.

He previously served as VP and General Manager of one of the largest business units of NCR Retail, a global retail hardware and software leader. Prior to that, Uri was the VP Product at Retalix, where he headed a large product development group.

Yael Belkin, VP Product, PGHD startup, Datos Health

Yael Belkin
VP Product Management

Yael Belkin is a seasoned product management professional with vast experience in the management, development, product management and marketing of complex enterprise systems.

Prior to joining Datos, Yael served as Director of Product at NCR Retail, where she led several of the company’s leading mobile and enterprise products.

Hylton Peimer, CTO, PGHD startup, Datos Health

Hylton Peimer

Nearly 20 years of experience in software development, specializing in enterprise solution.

Co-developed an option-based investment algorithm for US based equities. Managed the software infrastructure group at Aternity, and led architecture and development teams at Digital Fuel.