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The “secret sauce” to transform remote patient care

Our mission is to find the “secret sauce” to solve one of the most confounding healthcare challenges: how to extract value from new healthcare technologies to enhance patient care while minimizing the rising cost from chronic diseases.

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Datos was founded in 2014 by Uri Bettesh, a data enthusiast and enterprise IT veteran.  After a family healthcare scare, Uri realized that the data efficiencies from business enterprise solutions were not yet being used in the healthcare sector to address the growing digital health crisis.  An idea was born.

Yael Belkin, VP Product, joined Uri in 2014, bringing to Datos her experience in managing extremely challenging enterprise projects and their great working dynamic from NCR Retail, a global retail hardware and software leader. Hylton Peimer then completed the final puzzle piece. His decades of enterprise development expertise provided the technological depth to bring an advanced healthcare solution to life, within the traditional healthcare structure.


We have developed the next generation digital healthcare infrastructure to transform remote patient care on a large scale at a fraction of current costs.  Our platform enables healthcare providers to better manage the overwhelming amount of digital data generated outside the hospital (e.g. Patient Generated Health Data).

A combination of Big Data algorithms, cutting-edge validation techniques and automated patient engagement tools extract the trusted digital data for quality, personalized care and dramatically improve patient compliance and engagement.

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Management Team

Uri Bettesh
Founder and CEO

Uri Bettesh has rich experience in developing, marketing and implementing software platforms at world-leading companies.

He previously served as VP and General Manager of one of the largest business units of NCR Retail, a global retail hardware and software leader. Prior to that, Uri was the VP Product at Retalix, where he headed a large product development group.

Yael Belkin
VP Product Management

Yael Belkin is a seasoned product management professional with vast experience in the management, development, product management and marketing of complex enterprise systems.

Prior to joining Datos, Yael served as Director of Product at NCR Retail, where she led several of the company’s leading mobile and enterprise products.

Hylton Peimer

Nearly 20 years of experience in software development, specializing in enterprise solution.

Co-developed an option-based investment algorithm for US based equities. Managed the software infrastructure group at Aternity, and led architecture and development teams at Digital Fuel.

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