Datos-Sheba pioneering remote care program provides a paradigm technological shift in the way people with heart problems are being treated after surgery.  Learn how a Johannesburg businessman is now able to rehab his heart in Israel!

Using Datos’ pioneering health journey engine, the Sheba Medical Center’s care team can, for the first time, personalize patients’ cardiac rehab journey outside the hospital!

Datos’ breakthrough technology enables Sheba’s care team to prescribe, collect and monitor a wide array of cardiovascular measures,  including bood pressure, glucose, activity, etc., personalized to each patients needs.  Patients can now easily monitor their health – whereever they are –  all through one unified online journey, with the care team receiving continuous health insights and alerts when abnormal results are detected.

Read more from Professor Robert Klempfner, the Director of the Cardiac Prevention & Rehabilitation Institute – Leviev Heart Center at Sheba Medical Center in Ramat Gan, Israel, on this exciting project!