Datos, developer of a breakthrough PGHD platform, has its pioneering remote care program with Israel’s largest hospital, Sheba Medical Center, featured in Doctors Only (in Hebrew).  From kick off to first live patient in only three months, Datos’ health journey engine enables Sheba’s care team to personalize patients’ remote cardiac rehab programs outside the hospital!

Using Datos’ cutting-edge data validation techniques and big data algorithms, Sheba is able to deliver better remote care at a fraction of current costs.

Working with low risk patients who had previously suffered a cardiovascular episode, measures as: Heart Rate, Blood Glucose, Blood Pressure and Patient Reported Outcomes Measures (PROMs) are easily collected, analyzed and monitored as prescribed by the Sheba care team – all through one unified mobile journey. 

It is hoped the program will drastically improve remote care and patient satisfaction. Care teams can now proactively monitor and respond to patient alerts when abnormal results are detected, and patients can now perform cardiovascular rehabilitiation exercises at home rather than having to travel routinely to the clinic. Read the full article here.