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Datos helps healthcare organizations better manage patient-generated health data (PGHD) on a large scale at a fraction of current costs.

Leverage PGHD benefits in care delivery today

Datos has developed a secure, easily implementable infrastructure that helps healthcare providers solve critical PGHD challenges. Comprising a mobile engagement platform, cutting-edge data-management solution and comprehensive physician dashboard, the Datos platform covers all healthcare providers’ patient data needs, both current and future.



Cutting-edge data validation and derived insights

Healthcare providers are now bombarded with unusable and low quality patient-generated data. Datos uses Big Data algorithms and cutting-edge validation techniques, to identify and seamlessly incorporate only the relevant and reliable data into the clinical workflow for quality decision-making.

Our proprietary technology provides care teams with the patient data and derived insights they can trust.

A new

Personalization of patients’ digital health journeys

The Datos mobile engagement platform enables patients to more easily communicate with their physician and better manage their health from any device through one easy channel. Healthcare providers can now prescribe mobile health apps tailored to patients’ with different conditions.

Automated conversational interactions prompt healthy behaviours, collect patient reported outcomes and validate healthcare measurements all aligned with care protocols.

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Automated patient management

The Datos platform eliminates the need for costly medical call centers. Our advanced validation techniques and automated patient conversations enable a new way to collect previously time-consuming or unavailable information.

Our solution drastically improves workflow efficiency. Care teams can now easily set monitoring parameters, alerts and follow-up actions to better manage large patient populations. Care plans are automatically personalized based on patients’ results, engagement and plan compliance.

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and future

Future-proofed platform

Datos’ highly flexible BYOD platform enables the management of any health condition with any current or future device.

Healthcare providers can now easily add and analyze any new data streams such as blood pressure, glucose levels, activity, sleep, medication adherence and many more. With one platform, one point of entry and one health view, Datos removes the need for multiple management tools, delivering effective, integrated health conditions management.

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Insight-driven physician dashboards

Presents a holistic view of different patient populations as well as a continuous look at each patients’ personalized health progress. Embeds only the trusted and relevant data and derived insights into the existing workflow, allowing care teams to better control patients’ health and adjust treatment remotely, reducing costly clinic visits.


Personalized patient-engaged care

Enables automated communications between the healthcare provider and the patient.   Healthcare providers can easily manage and engage with remote patients, effortlessly accessing previously unavailable data, as well as provide lower cost care-related outreach.


Multiple-health conditions management

Enables remote patient management of large populations with multiple health conditions through one platform. Healthcare providers now have a true 360-degree view of each patients’ health profile.

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Case Studies

A new standard in remote hypertension management

Datos was selected by a prestigious private clinic in the USA to help physicians better manage hypertension remotely. Using the Datos platform, their physicians can now monitor patients’ blood pressure anywhere and anytime, as well as receive novel medication insights.  This enhanced patient view enables them to better control hypertension by optimizing and personalizing treatment to their patients’ individual lifestyle needs.

Datos is currently running an additional project expanding the monitoring capabilities of hypertensive patients in Israel.

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