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Healthcare Partners

Datos Health’s Open Care platform empowers health systems, academic medical centers, research institutes, and pharmaceutical companies from across the globe to go beyond monitoring and alerting and remain on the leading edge of digital health innovation. Our customizable remote care platform fosters organizational transformation by introducing a new hybrid care delivery model. Our team at Datos Health will fully support the co-development of best practices and guidelines for any remote care program.


Integrated Devices

Many world-leading and innovative monitoring companies have integrated Datos Health’s platform into remote patient monitoring devices, wearables, health-related devices, or monitoring solutions. Our fully customizable Open Care platform supports a variety of integration methods to support the best user experience and enables devices to be completely embedded in an environment for seamless data flow.

Clinicians are empowered to practice medicine their way by giving them the ability to choose the best RPM device to fit each remote care program; they can decide which data points they want to be notified of and adjust as needed, view patient trends, and turn patient health data into clinical utility. Datos Health can manage the provisioning and logistics of all devices, furthering our commitment to give our customers a fully customizable, turnkey platform.


Technology Partners

Our technology partners foster interoperability in healthcare, furthering accessibility to high-quality care. Our partners are system integrators, facilitate seamless EMR integration, and provide best practices to streamline efficiencies within complex organizations such as health systems. Other data service providers that offer analytics as well as research and development enhance our solution and integrate with or act as an extension of our technology. Through our partnerships, our goal is to address a broad spectrum of needs for enterprise organizations and provide a comprehensive, cost-effective, and scalable solution.

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