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Provide patients with a continuum of care with our turnkey hospital at home programs.

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Hospital level care from anywhere

Datos Health’s hospital at home programs merge data collected and scored from remote patient monitoring devices including passive, continuous devices, wearables, and medical devices onto our Open Care platform. Our technology can tailor workflows to any remote care plan based on the parameters clinicians put in place and the needs of each patient. Patients are guided through automated, assisted self-care to improve outcomes and program adherence – giving even the highest-acuity patients the option to stay in their own homes with their loved ones.

The Datos Health platform is AI-driven, incorporating artificial intelligence into turnkey remote care plans for both patient and clinician workflows to further reduce clinician workload and provide patients with curated content and education, follow-up notes, and more. The platform enables virtual visits and virtual rounding to replicate the same level of care patients receive within the four walls of a hospital in the home.

Our hospital in the home (HiTH) programs generally begin post-hospital discharge and last 12 weeks to provide patients with close clinical oversight through biometric data collection and patient-reported outcome measures through a variety of questionnaires.

Improve patient care, anywhere.

Remote Monitoring Devices

Datos Health is an open platform that enables seamless integration with any device to support comprehensive hospital at home programs. Our technology allows care teams to determine the best devices to fit their care plan and merge protocols with passive, continuous device monitoring and data management to reduce alert fatigue.


  • Integrate with any device to collect vitals measurements and identify trends
  • Choose the best tablet and devices to fit your care plan
  • Create a seamless experience even for users who are not tech-savvy
  • Full training and support for clinical and administrative teams
  • Turnkey options for Datos Health to handle device provisioning and logistics

Reduce Hospital Readmissions

Maintaining continuity of care is one of the most important features a hospital at home program must offer to achieve the ultimate goal of improved care. The Datos Health platform enables clinicians from any department to access care plans, view patient vitals and data trends, and intervene in real time to reduce readmissions. Quickly and easily design early detection warnings that incorporate vitals, surveys, and medication adherence data.

With our HiTH plans, clinicians determine which vitals they want to track and when to receive notifications for measurements that are out of range, when and how to send patients reminders to take medication or complete questionnaires, if they would like to provide patients with educational material and choose the steps of the care plan they would like to automate.

HiTH Benefits:

  • Provide patients with self-management tools to minimize readmissions
  • Empower patients to be confident to take charge of their self-care
  • Send notifications to clinicians based on patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) for early intervention
  • Rely on accurate and actionable data to save time during both in-person and virtual visits
  • Improve patient safety by preventing falls and infection by keeping them in their homes
  • Automated assisted self-care reduces administrative work for clinicians enabling them to work at the top of their license

Improve Patient Satisfaction

Patients on a hospital at home program with Datos Health receive personalized education, reminders to take their medication and dynamic questionnaires so their care teams are always up to date on their health and patients stay on track with their care plan. These care plans are highly customized and tailored to the patient’s needs and preferences. The most successful HiTH programs provide patients with peace of mind through engagement and seamless communication with their care team.


  • Program engagement improves with interactive patient CareApps
  • Higher engagement leads to improved adherence and better outcomes
  • Patients are more comfortable knowing clinical oversight is the same as in-person care
  • Interactive care plans can be customized and automated, featuring two-way communication and curated patient education
  • Virtual visits and one-click calls improve provider-patient communication and facilitate timely hospital-level care

Your Care. Your Way

Our Open Care platform enables care teams to easily customize one of our turnkey remote patient management programs to fit their needs and the needs of their patient population. Care teams can also quickly build their own hospital at home programs with our drag-and-drop Design Studio for quick and easy deployment, without the need for IT. Any changes to your workflow are immediately reflected in the patient CareApp and changes to care plans can be made at any time. With Datos Health’s RPA (Robotic Process Automation) engine, clinicians can design their own care programs that include automated workflows for both patients and clinicians.

Our hospital at home programs include:

  • Perioperative Care
  • Obstetrics Hypertension Monitoring
  • Hypertension Maintenance and Management
  • Pain Management
  • Acute Symptom Management

Reduce the cost of Care Delivery

Our remote care platform is a no-code, drag-and-drop interface that eliminates the need for a software development process, saving time and resources for your IT staff. The platform also supports any remote care plan, reducing the need to implement point solutions that require integration with the EMR.

Datos Health facilitates easy reimbursement for remote patient monitoring CPT codes to further improve your return on investment. Comprehensive hybrid care models may also increase telehealth visits for additional reimbursement. Ultimately, our platform expands access to quality care with a cost-effective hybrid care platform that typically reduces the cost of care per patient by 30-50%.

Optimized User Experience, Backed by Automation

Developed with the needs of both patients and providers in mind, Datos Health pairs powerful data analytics and automation with a platform designed for ease of use.



Datos Health automatically cleanses, validates, and tags patient data, preserving staff hours. Our Care Team Dashboard allows clinicians to easily see data trends and receive notifications on changes in a patients’ health so they can quickly intervene and prevent adverse events.


Device Agnostic

Unlike some RPM solutions, Datos Health can integrate with any connected device to collect the necessary patient generated health data. Patients can use devices they already own and wear (such as a smartwatch), helping to improve compliance.


Fully Automated

Our software recreates the steps in a care teams’ clinical workflow. Datos Health then performs tasks following a decision tree and notifies the care team when necessary. Patients are guided through at-home care for their symptoms or directed to visit the ED.



Our Patient Experience app was designed to be easy for any patient to use, which is crucial for patient engagement. The Design Studio also features a user-friendly drag and drop interface, enabling care teams to quickly personalize treatment plans.

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