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February 18, 2020

Datos technology to help monitor and care for patients with symptoms of low severity in the safety and comfort of their own homes.

October 23, 2019

Datos’ core technology for delivering cutting-edge remote patient management strategy accentuates the essence of Sheba’s ARC innovation concept

Datos Patient Management Platform

Designed to connect the medical source of care directly with the patient for
improved quality of life. A reliable Machine Learning (ML)-driven platform, used to safely monitor, detect, analyze and even predict adverse events or other changes in the patient’s condition, enabling value-based care. This opens up the ability to adapt and intervene in real-time, and to successfully manage complex oncology treatment protocols.

How It Works?

  • Wearables & Medical Devices

    Agnostic integration
  • Personalized patient experience

    Personalized patient journeys, reminders, chats, virtual visits, education
    3rd party integration via SDK
  • Secured & flexible cloud platform

    Data engine
    Protocol engine
    Communication engine
    3rd party integration via API
  • Patient management console

    Data visualisation, alerts and workflows

Datos is ideally positioned to provide a comprehensive Remote Patient Management solution to ensure patients, pharma, CRO’s and providers are equipped to move oncology care forward.

  • Enhance Patient Journey
    Empowers cancer patients with a sense of confidence and reduces anxiety by providing a ‘never on your own’ safety net through 24/7 monitoring resulting in continuity of care.

    Automates communications and surveys, enabling accurate ePROs assessments and seamless integration to wearables and medical devices. Supports structured patient - care giver digital communication via multiple channels such as video, chat or text to provide optimal patient outcomes.
  • Increase efficiency and reduce cost
    Improves the oncology team’s capacity to remotely manage more patients by automating and simplifying tasks and reducing unnecessary patient visits.

    Easy and friendly workflow configuration, enables real-time implementation of complex clinical protocols, utilizing device and EMR data integration.
  • Improve patient outcomes
    Promotes patient empowerment, reduces unnecessary patient visits and follow-ups due to false alarms and patient anxiety. Allows providers to reduce 90-day readmissions.

    Equips the care team to manage cancer as a chronic condition, adapt personalized care pathways as needed, promoting higher quality of life and patient-reported outcomes.
  • Embrace innovation
    Allows oncology symptom severity and adverse events to be managed with greater sensitivity and objectivity; Enables pharma
    and providers to be more responsive and effective during clinical research.

    Keeps patients involved throughout the journey, increases patient retention, engagement, and program adherence.

We make it possible

  • For hospital oncology teams and Academic Medical Centers
    By embracing value-based care, we empower providers to shift oncology care from the hospital to the patient’s home safely and effectively, while capturing remote patient monitoring reimbursements.
  • For pharmaceutical and clinical research companies
    Investing in the development of new specialty drugs for oncology. We provide pharma and CROs the ability to remotely manage high-risk patients, with ePRO solutions, vital collection and omni-channel patient communications integrated on one platform.
  • For the empowered patient and their family
    Facilitating the safe and effective transition of cancer care to the patient’s home, streamlining home care management, while allowing them and their loved ones to spend more time together.

Datos oncology Patient Management Platform
enables a new care paradigm:


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