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Datos Health has the flexibility to integrate with any RPM device, wearable, or connected healthcare device. Learn more about our integrations with remote patient monitoring devices.

Datos Health’s remote patient monitoring platform is device-agnostic and can integrate with any remote patient monitoring devices, fitness trackers, smartwatches, or medical devices, many of which are FDA-approved devices. Program adherence improves when patients can use devices they already own and wear while care teams gain the freedom to choose the connected healthcare devices that fit within their clinical workflow. Our solution goes beyond traditional monitoring and alerting and merges patient data collected from remote patient monitoring devices with care, and patient engagement.

We provide a turnkey solution for sourcing RPM devices through our partner Preferred Depot.

Solution Model Vitals we Support Integration Type Available Data Operating System FDA Approved* Device
Garmin Smart scale Index™ S2 Weight Cloud Weight iPhone/Android No
Biobeat Wrist Monitor, Chest Monitor BP, Saturation, Temperature, Heart rate, Respiration Cloud BP, SPO2, Temperature, HR, Respiration (breaths per minute) iPhone/Android Yes N/A BP, Oxygen Saturation, Respiration & Pulse Mobile SDK BP, SPO2, HR, Pulse Android
Tytocare Tyto Home Multiple vitals Cloud Cloud N/A
Accu-Chek Glucometer Performa II Glucose OCR Glucose Levels iPhone/Android Yes
AgaMatrix Glucometer Jazz Wireless 2 Glucose Bluetooth Glucose Levels Android Yes
Apple Health** N/A Workout, Steps, Heart rate Mobile Workout (Type, Time, Speed, Heart rate), Continuous Heart rate, Steps iPhone/Android
i-sens Glucometer CareSens® N Glucose OCR Glucose Levels iPhone/Android Yes
FitBit All Workout, Steps, Sleep Cloud Workout (Type, Time, Speed, Heart rate), Steps, Sleep (duration/stages) iPhone/Android Yes
FreeStyle Glucometer Freedom Lite Glucose OCR Glucose Levels iPhone/Android Yes
Garmin Activity trackers Workout, Steps, Sleep, Heart rate Cloud Workout (Type, Time, Speed, Heart rate), Steps, Sleep (duration/ stages), Continuous Heart rate iPhone/Android
Google Fit** N/A Steps Mobile Steps iPhone/Android
iHealth Air Pulse Oximeter* Pulse Oximeter Saturation Bluetooth SPO2 iPhone/Android Yes
iHealth Gluco+ Glucometer* Gluco+ smart glucometer (BG5S-Kit-Lite) Glucose Bluetooth Glucose Levels iPhone Yes
iHealth Lite wireless Scale* LITE Wireless Scale Weight Bluetooth Weight Android
iHealth Neo Blood pressure monitor* Neo (BP5S) Blood pressure Bluetooth BP systolic/ diastolic, Pulse iPhone/Android Yes
Oxitone 1000M Temperature, Saturation Cloud Continuous Temperature, Continuous SPO2 iPhone/Android Yes
Polar N/A Workout, Steps Cloud Workout (Type, Time, Speed, Heart rate), Steps iPhone/Android
VivaLink Thermometer Temperature Mobile Continuous Temperature iPhone Yes
Omron Multiple models, coming soon Blood pressure Bluetooth iPhone/Android Yes
A&D Coming soon Saturation Bluetooth iPhone/Android Yes
Essence Multiple models Blood pressure, Pulse, Saturation, Temperature, Weight Cloud iPhone/Android Yes
  • Additional charges from the device provider may apply.
  • FDA status per manufacturer’s websites/additional online resources. This information should be verified with device manufacturer/provider before purchase. Apple and Fitbit watches are FDA approved solely for the ECG component.
  • Datos provides access to the data taken by Apple Health and Google Fit. Aggregators integration grants Datos Health customers to collect and integrate patient’s health data from any phone.

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