Build your own or use existing patient health questionnaires

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Assessments Your Way

Datos Health provides a platform for providers to build their own electronic patient-reported outcome (ePro) assessments and collect patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) and patient reported experience measures (PREMs). We have pre-built, validated assessments that you can start using immediately, refer to them to help you build your own or you can build completely customized healthcare questionnaires on our easy-to-use platform. Meet your patients where they are and capture accurate data on a patient’s physical and mental health and overall well-being in real-time to improve outcomes with accurate and actionable data Patient satisfaction surveys, post-visit surveys, and PROMIS Global Health and Wellbeing surveys are some of the most popular assessments that care teams choose to customize and automatically send to patients at specific points in time. Usually, symptom assessments, goal tracking surveys and medication questionnaires are tailor-built by clinicians to score patient responses in a way that aligns with their way of providing care.

Benefits of Using Electronic Assessments

Digitally enabled patient health questionnaires help to eliminate fragmented processes and transform patient reported outcomes into cost-effective healthcare journeys that are both patient-centered and clinician-centered. Collect patient reported outcomes ahead of in-person visits and in-between visits for a streamlined and more cost-effective approach to comprehensive care.

PROMs and PREMs give clinicians the ability to intervene when needed by identifying changes in patient health such as increasing or worsening symptoms and side effects or abnormal vital measurements that may otherwise go unnoticed. Using our scoring algorithm, assessments can be built to easily identify which patients they need further information from and include conditions within the assessment to do so.

Data Quality

Improve the quality of your patient health data with electronic assessments that reduce errors and inconsistencies associated with
paper-based assessments.

Patient Engagement

Actively engage patients in their care plans with an ePro solution to promote self-reporting. Patients receive closer clinical oversight and feel more connected to their care team. Easily include educational materials based on their responses.

Patient Outcomes

Capture important data on well-being, symptoms, patient satisfaction and more through patient health questionnaires allowing you
to intervene in real-time and improve care.

Organizational efficiency

Reduce the cost and time needed to ensure the accuracy of paper-based assessments and reduce administrative labor and the need for call centers with questionnaires that minimize the time spent on each patient.

Why Build Your Own?

Most ePro platforms require a lot of resources from both clinical and IT teams which can lead to lengthy timeframes and costly investments for healthcare providers. Datos Health eliminates these barriers so you can benefit from the accurate data collection that ePros provide care teams across any clinical workflow. Just a few clicks will help you digitize the care journey to build patient questionnaires that effectively capture patient-reported outcome measures that you can easily modify as needed at any time.

  • Easily control how data is presented to patients
  • Full branding of assessments
  • Support options for many languages with the ability to add others
  • Accessibility support
  • Quick and easy deployment
  • Patient questionnaires are fully adaptable across any device
  • Customize patient journeys through logic and weighted scores

Question and Answer Modules

Include logic or use our algorithm within our robust survey modules to weigh scores and automate next steps. Questions can each be weighed differently to capture a comprehensive view of patient reported outcomes and trigger appropriate follow-up actions such as the sending of an additional questionnaire or care team notification.