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Monitoring Platform


We provide COVID-19 remote patient monitoring for those who test positive or are in quarantine to preserve hospital capacity. Datos Health also provides organizations with a turnkey solution for vaccine tracking.

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Patient Monitoring And Vaccine Tracking

Datos Health’s COVID-19 patient monitoring platform and vaccine tracking can easily be implemented in days and is specifically designed to support health systems and hospitals across the world from mitigating the spread of the virus by managing patients’ symptoms remotely and decrease care team workload. Our system can easily adapt to the changing guidelines and requirements.

Our turnkey solution allows organizations to easily track individuals, cohorts, and populations based on vaccination status and quarantine period. Our vaccine tracker app makes it easy and efficient for employees to upload proof of vaccination and test results and respond to surveys and questionnaires related to their symptoms if they test positive, providing a comprehensive overview of population health within your organization.

Rochester Regional Health Case Study


Achieve population health goals

The Datos Health user-friendly patient experience app keeps patients engaged and facilitates both synchronous and asynchronous communication between the patient and the care team. Patients report lower anxiety since they stay close to home but know that their care teams are always watching over them.


Alleviate caregiver workload

Our goal is to ensure hospital capacity is preserved for those who are acutely ill and need in-patient care while minimizing further spread of the virus to medical staff and patients. Monitor patient’s vitals remotely and receive notifications for positive and quarantined patients according to severity of their symptoms and when their quarantine period has ended.


Provide optimal remote care

Identify anyone with symptoms related to coronavirus but do not require hospitalization to receive optimal care at home utilizing our platforms surveys and communication capabilites. Automated reminders can be sent to patients to take their temperature, schedule a virtual visit or communicate with their care team.

Powerful Automation Meets Great Design

Thoughtfully developed with the needs of both patients and providers in mind, Datos Health pairs powerful data analytics with a platform that’s easy to use.



Our platform automatically cleanses, validates, and tags patient data to preserve staff hours. Clinicians easily see data trends and receive notifications on changes in a patients’ health so they can quickly intervene and prevent adverse events.


Device Agnostic

Unlike some RPM solutions, Datos Health can integrate with any connected device to collect the necessary patient generated health data. Patients can use devices they already own and wear (such as a smartwatch), helping to improve compliance.


Fully Automated

Our software recreates the steps in a care teams’ clinical workflow. Datos Health then performs tasks following a decision tree and notifies the care team when necessary. Patients are guided through at-home care for their symptoms or directed to visit the ED.



Our Patient Experience app was designed to be easy for any patient to use, which is crucial for patient engagement. The Design Studio also features a user-friendly drag and drop interface, enabling care teams to quickly personalize Covid-19 care plans.

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