The world’s first provider of a field-proven Remote Care Telemedicine that is already in use in Israel and in the USA...

With the recent pandemic related to the COVID-19 (coronavirus), hospitals are being swamped with patients, and many of these do not need to be hospitalized.

In this emergency situation, we need to help keep all suspected corona patients, and those infected at home while still providing them with optimal care.

Datos is the ideal choice for this, being the first platform of its kind that can seamlessly fit into care teams’ existing workflows, and provide them with crucial insights on patients monitored outside the hospital.” Uri Bettesh, CEO of Datos Health

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Datos is the world’s first provider of a field-proven Remote Care platform that is already in use to help fight the spread of COVID-19 in Israel and is currently in the process of mass deployment for Coronavirus telemedicine programs in US hospitals nationwide.

“This is one instance where telemedicine protects staff as well as other patients, by minimizing direct contact with those infected with the coronavirus,”

Dr. Galia Barkai, head of telemedicine services at Sheba

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So what does our program include?

Our specialized COVID-19 specific telemedicine package includes

A full-service 2-day implementation – remote monitoring program specifically designed for monitoring coronavirus patients so that your facility is up and running as quickly as possible.

A private, HIPAA compliant, cloud of the Datos platform located in your State. A branded mobile app – many of our services can be delivered just via a text message and a link (even video calls).

For the Care Teams

  • A fully configured corona dashboard that includes a view of all patients sorted according to alerts severity of the corona symptoms, virtual visits, detailed statistics on vitals and symptoms including locations updates if/when needed

For Patients

  • Two ePRO surveys (first assessment form and a daily symptoms survey)
  • Temp/BP/PulseOx vital collections (manually entered because of the scale)
  • Ad-hoc virtual visit capabilities
  • Reminders and automatic/manual messages to patients are already configured