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“Datos Health was the logical partner for this project because of its track record of high-quality
care monitoring and adaptive technology infrastructure."

Dr. Micah Thorp, DO, Vice President of Strategy, Northwest Permanente PC,
and President, Permanente Health Care Ventures

"Integrating the Datos platform will allow our clinicians to provide better care, improve their workflow, and allow them to spend more time to focus on high-value tasks for our clients."

Dr. Anna Barker Executive Director of Data, Research & Innovation


“We accomplished so much in so little time owing to Northwest Permanente’s guidance and the easy-to-use Datos Health platform. Our students and faculty love the feeling of safety the solution provides them.”

Jennifer Yruegas, Dean College of Business and General Counsel


“The Datos solution has been a godsend, for both patients and our medical staff, patients no longer need to feel alone or afraid, with nurses able to remotely yet closely track their indicators, reach out to them by video calls, and ease them through whatever they’re experiencing at any point.”

Bridgette Wiefling, MD, Senior VP for the Primary Care and Ambulatory Specialty Institute

"The Datos Health platform is a strategic solution to provide our patients with remote care across the country by integrating automation into clinical workflows – harnessing the power of effective hybrid care."

Naama Perry Cohen Chief Information Officer, Directorate of Government Medical Centers


“We were able to personalize the Datos Health app for our research study of home-based cardiac rehabilitation in patients supported by a left ventricular assist device. Using the app, we have been able to help our patients increase their daily activity level and overall health.”

Dr. Himabindu Vidula, Medical Director of Heart Transplantation


"Utilization of digital health data for investigators can lead to earlier initiation, up-titration, or determination of end-of-dose adjustments for guideline-based heart failure therapies and achieve optimal tolerated doses for individual therapies.
Datos’ speed of implementation and ease of protocol configuration to integrate clinically relevant real-time health information makes it an ideal partner for this research."

Mitchell Psotka, M.D., Ph.D., Section Chief


“Datos was the only company to offer us exactly what we need to prepare for the future.”

Eyal Zimlichman MD, MSc, Deputy General Director, Chief
Medical Officer, Chief Innovation Officer


“Datos Health offered the only digital health solution that met the requirements of our advanced clinical studies.”

Beat Knusel, PHD, Director
Clinical Development


“By enabling mobile self-reporting and automated-triage workflows tailored to patients’ individual cancer treatments, the Datos Health platform can give patients reassurance and immediate relief for less-severe side effects while freeing up care teams to focus more efforts on patients who need their personal attention. Ultimately this can help increase treatment adherence, improve quality of life, limit avoidable adverse events and afford real-time monitoring of patient progress.”

Arnold Baskies, MD, Surgical Oncologist
Member and former Chairman of the Board


“The versatility of Datos’ remote care platform and it’s ability to increase patient engagement and adherence through personalization of the application is integral to making tele-cardiac rehabilitation a viable option for patients unable or unwilling to particapate in center-based cardiac rehabilitation programs.”

Prof. Robert Klempfner, MD, Director of the Israeli Center for Cardiovascular Research and Scientific
Director of the ARC Innovation Center at Sheba Medical Center

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