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Improve Patient Satisfaction | Reduce Readmissions

Virtual Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Improve Patient Satisfaction | Reduce Readmissions

Set patients up for success with a virtual pulmonary rehabilitation program tailored to their needs.

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Meet Your Patients Where They Are

Pulmonary rehabilitation programs typically have low adoption with the leading factors being transportation, accessibility issues, and anxiety in participating in group activities. By removing the barriers for patients and enabling them to easily perform exercises online at their own pace and at their own time, adherence and engagement improves.

Our remote care platform helps increase the adoption of pulmonary rehabilitation with virtual pulmonary rehabilitation programs that can be personalized to the varying levels of patients’ needs with the goal of improving their overall quality of life. We have turnkey pulmonary rehabilitation programs that can be customized to the needs of your organization and patient population with completion rates above 90%. We can also support organizations in building cardiopulmonary rehabilitation programs with our vast experience in remote cardiac rehab.

One of our newest virtual pulmonary rehab programs was developed with Morlen Health and leading pulmonologists from Northwest Permanente. The 12-week, 100% virtual program focuses on patient engagement with exercise plans that are tailored to their needs by the clinical team, led by a pulmonologist, and includes respiratory therapists and exercise physiologists.

With Our CareApp’s Patients Can:

  • Track vitals by connecting their pulse oximeter
  • Join virtual group exercise classes
  • Attend Breathe Better 101™ Seminars
  • Access educational materials and videos
  • Meet with their respiratory therapist 1:1
  • Easily learn about their COPD symptoms and medications
  • Receive reminders for surveys and medication

Personalization through Automation

Our online pulmonary rehab programs were designed to enable clinicians to easily provide their patients with automated self-care tools to help them take control of their own health. Help your patients with chronic respiratory conditions such as COPD or asthma improve lung function and symptom severity through exercise and personalized education with our interactive CareApps. Automate your workflows and send surveys to patients at the right time, helping them to stay on track and seamlessly providing your care team with real-time accurate data to adjust care plans as needed.

Examples of how you can personalize care plans:

  • Provide them with the right education at the right time
  • Build a video library to walk them through proper exercise form
  • Oversee symptom management with automated self-care tools
  • Send reminders to exercise, complete surveys, and take medication
  • Create automated triggers to notify you when oxygen saturation fluctuates
  • Closely monitor patients progress and modify exercise plans as needed
  • Incorporate cardiopulmonary rehab into their care plan

Increase Patient Engagement

With Datos Health, maintaining high-quality touchpoints with patients is seamless, leading to better patient engagement and higher rates of program adherence. Our interactive CareApps act as a valuable resource hub for patients and enable quick and easy communication with their care teams via chat, virtual visits, and one-click calls. Care teams can choose to personalize and automate reminders, encouragement, educational content, and lifestyle tips to keep patients involved in their health journey and increase their overall satisfaction. By giving patients the added comfort of knowing they can get the answers they need when they need them anxiety decreases and helps motivate them to complete the pulmonary rehabilitation program.

Our remote care programs are designed to provide patients with tools and instruction that emphasize lifestyle changes and education on their disease process, medications, breathing techniques, and exercise plans that are right for them to improve lung function. Successful programs hinge on the willingness of each patient to adapt these changes into their lifestyle for the duration of the program and into the future.

Benefits of Home-Based Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Pulmonary rehabilitation programs have many benefits for both patients and providers. virtual pulmonary rehabilitation programs allow patients to improve their overall quality of life by equipping them with the tools they need to prevent further deterioration and restore them to the highest level of function possible. The flexibility of these remote care programs is the driving factor behind program adoption, enabling patients to exercise at the time and place that is most convenient for them. Online pulmonary rehab programs and cardiopulmonary rehab programs also enable patients to easily access resources at a later date if they missed a session or if they need to refer back to exercises they haven’t yet mastered.

Benefits for patients and clinicians:

  • Convenient and flexible for patients, increasing adoption
  • Patients learn to self-manage their symptoms
  • Lung function improves to reduce hospitalizations
  • Program completion exceeds 90%
  • Treat more patients simultaneously in a virtual setting
  • More cost-effective for healthcare providers

Improve Care, From Anywhere

Maintain a higher level of clinical oversight that can be accomplished through in-person programs by monitoring your patients remotely. The Datos Health platform integrates with any connected device or wearable to monitor oxygen saturation and activity in real time. Additionally, care plans can easily be customized according to your patient’s needs.

Most home-based pulmonary rehabilitation programs are 12 weeks long and begin with an initial consultation in which respiratory therapists will get to know their patients, their physical limitations, environment, and preferences to create a tailored exercise plan. During the 12-week program, patients meet with their respiratory therapists virtually both 1:1 and in group settings for supervised exercise sessions and educational seminars. We can set patients up for success with our interactive CareApps which houses all the tools your patients need to get back to the things they enjoy most.

Optimized User Experience, Backed by Automation

Developed with the needs of both patients and providers in mind, Datos Health pairs powerful data analytics and automation with a platform designed for ease of use.



Datos Health automatically cleanses, validates, and tags patient data, preserving staff hours. Our Care Team Dashboard allows clinicians to easily see data trends and receive notifications on changes in a patients’ health so they can quickly intervene and prevent adverse events.


Device Agnostic

Unlike some RPM solutions, Datos Health can integrate with any connected device to collect the necessary patient generated health data. Patients can use devices they already own and wear (such as a smartwatch), helping to improve compliance.


Fully Automated

Our software recreates the steps in a care teams’ clinical workflow. Datos Health then performs tasks following a decision tree and notifies the care team when necessary. Patients are guided through at-home care for their symptoms or directed to visit the ED.



Our Patient Experience app was designed to be easy for any patient to use, which is crucial for patient engagement. The Design Studio also features a user-friendly drag and drop interface, enabling care teams to quickly personalize treatment plans.

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