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Our remote cardiac care platform leverages the power of automation to increase patient adherence while reducing care team workloads.

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Improve Outcomes While Increasing Capacity

Cardiac rehabilitation significantly improves outcomes following a cardiac event. However, rates of patient adherence to in-person programs are generally low, largely due to the inconvenience of having to travel frequently to a rehabilitation center and to coordinate sessions with the care team’s schedules.

By allowing patients to exercise wherever and whenever is convenient, Datos Health’s remote cardiac rehabilitation program significantly increases patient participation and adherence. Care teams monitor and manage their patients’ exercise plans and progress mostly asynchronously, significantly increasing their capacity.

The Datos Health platform supports data collection from a variety of connected devices such as exercise watches, blood pressure monitors and other medical devices, as well as patient reported outcomes (PROs) allowing care teams to track vitals, METs and Borg ratings, and adjust each patient’s rehab plan accordingly.

University of Rochester Case Study

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Enhance Patient Engagement

The Datos Health user-friendly patient experience app keeps patients engaged and facilitates both synchronous and asynchronous communication between the patient and the care team. Patients report lower anxiety since they stay close to home but know that their care teams are always watching over them.

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Reduce Workload – Increase Capacity

Automation through the Datos Health platform relieves care teams of the need to synchronously accompany every patient workout, resulting in a significant increase in their patient-capacity. In addition, aspects of a clinical workflow can be automated with symptom surveys and medication reminders.

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Improve Patient Outcomes

Datos Health’s personalized, automated remote cardiac care platform significantly increase adherence and program completion, which, in turn, has been shown to reduce rehospitalization, reduce the risk of a second myocardial infarction (MI), and improve long term patient outcomes and quality of life.


Maximize Reimbursement

Both CMS and private insurers now accept a growing list of CPT codes for remote patient monitoring and telehealth visits. Datos Health has built-in reporting to maximize billing for these codes. These reports can be automatically exported to your revenue cycle management (RCM) system.

Optimized User Experience, Backed by Automation

Developed with the needs of both patients and providers in mind, Datos Health pairs powerful data analytics and automation with a platform designed for ease of use.



Datos Health automatically cleanses, validates, and tags patient data, preserving staff hours. Our Care Team Dashboard allows clinicians to easily see data trends and receive notifications on changes in a patients’ health so they can quickly intervene and prevent adverse events.


Device Agnostic

Unlike some RPM solutions, Datos Health can integrate with any connected device to collect the necessary patient generated health data. Patients can use devices they already own and wear (such as a smartwatch), helping to improve compliance.


Fully Automated

Our software recreates the steps in a care teams’ clinical workflow. Datos Health then performs tasks following a decision tree and notifies the care team when necessary. Patients are guided through at-home care for their symptoms or directed to visit the ED.



Our Patient Experience app was designed to be easy for any patient to use, which is crucial for patient engagement. The Design Studio also features a user-friendly drag and drop interface, enabling care teams to quickly personalize treatment plans.

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