Remote Patient Monitoring Devices

Turnkey device logistics services

Remote Patient Monitoring Devices

Turnkey device logistics services

Preferred Depot specializes in best-in-class, time-definite logistics and technical solutions for remote patient monitoring device companies, medical device manufacturers, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical companies as well as healthcare organizations. They are widely recognized as supply chain experts in the medical device industry and are the chosen provider of leading manufacturers from around the globe. Datos Health partners closely with Preferred Depot to fulfill our client’s needs for a fully turnkey RPM solution. Together, we strive to get patients the monitoring devices they need to receive close clinical oversight from their care teams while arming care teams with actionable data to make informed decisions and intervene when needed.

Services & Capabilities – Fully automated and Digitized Order Fulfillment

  • Kitting, repacking/sanitizing, and tracking bulk or single orders.
  • RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) to Retrieve/Repair/Sanitize/Replace.
  • Call center: Phone, email, and chat to support onboarding, technical issues, and App usability (non-Medical. In English and Spanish).
  • Assembly/Packaging: Kit assembly, repacking, branding, labeling.
  • Storage: Medical grade inventory management.
  • Full reporting: Through our online portal.










Call Center

Focusing on customer satisfaction and first-call resolution, our in-house representatives provide comprehensive inbound and outbound call center services for all remote patient monitoring devices and wearables, including email support, order taking, live chat, help desk, order processing, and vendor management.

Technical Support

Our in-house engineers and tech support specialists offer an extensive array of technical services to support onboarding onto the Datos Health app including device pairing, maintenance, diagnosis, repair, troubleshooting, calibration, upgrades, and much more. Our services range from on-site services across the U.S. to depot center services.

Assembly and Packaging

We provide advanced assembly services with special attention to quality, deadlines, and feasibility of end-use. From simple sub-assemblies to complex multilayered projects, our seasoned engineers seamlessly handle your needs. By combining warehousing, final configuration, and other manufacturing logistics in one facility, you’ll maximize efficiency, speed, and sensitivity.

Order Fulfillment

With our flexible order fulfillment services, you can be sure that your products will be delivered safely to your patients on time, every time. Our services include order and inventory management, order fulfillment, same-day shipping, and returns logistics. We can integrate with virtually any platform our customers work with.

Storage and Distribution

We supply comprehensive logistics and warehousing services with an experienced workforce, an online inventory management system, many value-added services, and customized supply chain solutions. Our multi-client warehouse facilities offer flexible space that allows companies to expand and contract their inventory footprints based on demand.

Quality Control

We are registered with the FDA and certified to deliver comprehensive services. Our Quality Management System (QMS), certified by Dekra installs a documented and controlled management system for all provided services, ensuring continual review and improvement of our internal processes.

18,000 Sq Ft facility, 20 FTEs |

10,000 Orders per year |

FDA registered

No Limitation. Pure Possibilities

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