Datos health partners with medial earlysign, augments artificial intelligence with remote care automation to optimize patient care

May, 2021

TEL AVIV, Israel – March 9, 2021 – Datos Health, a leader in remote care automation, and Medial EarlySign, an innovator in AI-based actionable clinical insights, today announced  a collaboration to offer state-of-the-art integrated solutions to identify high-risk patients who stand to benefit from remote care programs. The solution is focused on helping providers achieve better outcomes in vulnerable populations, as they transition to value-based care.

The collaboration combines EarlySign’s predictive solutions for identifying patients at increased risk of specific chronic or life-threatening conditions with Datos’ corresponding automated remote care programs, helping to prevent or delay the onset of disease and downstream complications. The introduction of this solution is particularly crucial as high-risk population management becomes a must-have competency for healthcare providers of all denominations, with organizations striving to deliver better preventive services across the care continuum.

“The transition to value-based care and pre-emptive approaches requires deeper insight into the patient population. Medial EarlySign’s AI-based clinical approach facilitates proactive and preventative treatment through earlier identification of high-risk patient trajectories when interventions stand more chance of halting or preventing the onset of disease,” said Ori Geva, CEO and Co-Founder of Medial EarlySign. “Datos provides healthcare stakeholders new options and models of intervention for these high-risk patients, including a way to seamlessly enable more frequent, or even continuous monitoring and engagement that can reduce intervention costs and significantly improve care delivery and patient outcomes.

“Datos has spent the last several years focused on building a solution for personalized and automated remote care across a diverse range of disease conditions, enabling better care and a higher level of patient engagement and participation,” said Uri Bettesh, CEO and Founder of Datos Health. “The prospect of extending automated remote care to pre-disease and early onset stages opens up a new world of possibilities for the ultimate goal of keeping people healthier for longer.”

About Medial EarlySign

Medial EarlySign helps healthcare stakeholders with early detection and prevention of high-burden diseases. Their software solutions (AlgoMarkers™) derive actionable and personalized clinical insights from health data. EarlySign’s AlgoMarkers and AI-based solutions can help clients identify and prioritize patient when interventions stand more chance of halting or preventing the onset of disease.  The predictive algorithmic models developed using the company’s machine learning approach are supported by peer-reviewed research published by internationally recognized health organizations and hospitals. Founded in 2013, Medial EarlySign is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel.   For more information, please visit: https://earlysign.com/.

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About Datos Health

Datos facilitates the increasing transition of care from the hospital to the home. A robust and flexible, automated remote care platform, the user-friendly yet cost-effective Datos solution enables any hospital department to rapidly and seamlessly build and deploy new remote care processes and workflows. Datos offers agnostic care delivery across any device, data source, patient profile, and treatment protocol, and helps health systems realize the potential of patient-generated data through strong patient engagement. For more information, visit www.datos-health.com.

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Datos Contact:
Ruthie Weitz-Leopold, Chief Marketing Officer

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Eran Hertzmann, VP Innovation

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