For Pharma

For Pharma

Enabling pharmaceutical companies to improve trial adherence and engagement

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The Datos Remote Care platform frees pharma and CROs (Clinical Research Companies) to focus on development and testing of new drugs, while providing the support they need to assess data and medication adherence, and help rapidly detect and act on adverse events.

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Datos features an intuitive, patient-friendly interface that keeps research and trial participants engaged throughout the duration of study processes, and assists them in maintaining close contact with research teams. This ultimately increases their adherence to research protocols, and reduces overall patient churn. The Datos platform helps maximize trial participation, and shorten research time-to-market – all while keeping costs down.


For clinical trials of new oncology drugs

Propelling oncology research and care to the next level

  • Sustainable patient experience driven by digital voice, text, e-mail and video communication channels
  • Enhanced patient knowledge, awareness and confidence, with direct access to care teams Patient activity and biometrics review, for detection of any need for care team intervention and interaction
  • Manual or automated care personnel dispatch of messages, reminders, alerts, personalized surveys, motivational notes and more
  • A customized portal with friendly dashboards for identification of risks and any need for patient guidance

For clinical trials of new cardiology drugs

Driving cardiology drug effectiveness through outcome-centric care

  • Improved participation via elimination of the need for in-person visits
  • Increased patient representation diversity, effectively expanding study reach
  • Continuous objective monitoring, for highly accurate contextual data generation
  • New information channels enabling health and fitness device- and app-based patient engagement
  • Anticipation and rapid reaction to new evidence sources, for continuous maintenance of product performance authority