Remote Patient Care and Monitoring Platform


  • Increase care team capacity
  • Reduce hospital readmissions
  • Enhance patient engagement
  • Automate for efficiency

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Why Datos Health?

We are moving beyond what healthcare providers were promised from Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) technology. Our automated remote patient care and monitoring platform replaces today’s rigid, pre-built care solutions with a powerful open framework giving providers the freedom to adapt our out-of-the-box remote care programs to fit their workflows or they can easily design their own programs. Our platform is adaptable to any clinical workflow and is made for the way you care.

Our remote care solution facilitates automated assisted self-care across any clinical condition, patient profile, or treatment plan to significantly increase patient engagement, reduce adverse events through early detection of downward trends, and reduce care team workload.


The Platform

Automating many of the steps in a clinical workflow allows care teams to focus on the patients that need them most while patients benefit from personalized care plans and better managed symptoms and side effects. Based on rules defined by the care team, PROM’s and patient data (PGHD) is scored by the system to either guide patients through automated assisted self-care for mild symptoms and side effects, or alert care teams if intervention is needed.

  • Alert care teams of patients requiring immediate intervention
  • Detect downward trends early to reduce hospitalization and readmissions
  • Provide automated triage for patients with mild symptoms and side effects
  • Automate reminders of symptom survey completion and to take or discontinue medication

Remote Care Programs

Our Care Programs encompass Hospital at Home, Chronic Disease Care, OBGYN, Pediatric Care, Psychiatric Care and Long-Term Care. Datos Health can be used as a standalone platform or integrate with any EMR.

Use Cases Include:

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