Ready for a New Era of Remote Care?

Most Remote Patient Monitoring solutions monitor and alert, but do they actually reduce care team workload and streamline efficiencies? Discover how workflow automation is easier than ever for both patients and clinicians with hybrid care models that feature interactive care plans.

Datos Health’s Open Care platform is the only hybrid care platform that’s tailored to how you practice medicine. Customize it all – choose how to view data, what processes to automate, pick the best devices that fit your workflow, and integrate with any EMR.


It starts with the care plan Design Studio which puts clinicians in the driver’s seat, allowing them to easily design and deploy interactive care plans for any condition, and any level of acuity. These automated plans can be fine-tuned at any time without coding or the need for developers with a simple no-code, drag-and-drop interface. These care plans are deployed to the CareApp, empowering patients to take charge of their healthcare journey. Patients are more engaged and more likely to adhere to their care plans resulting in better quality care.


CareApps trigger automated assisted self-care to patients based on vitals, survey responses, medication adherence, and more. Patients get the answers they need whenever they need them, freeing up providers to focus on quality interactions, improving administrative and clinical efficiency, and increasing their patient capacity. Care teams determine the parameters for each automated workflow and can leverage our out-of-the-box remote care plans and make them their own. This data automatically flows to the Care Team Dashboard for care teams to view patient data.


The Care Team Dashboard instantly reflects any changes in patient health and provides detailed insights and upward or downward trend analysis. Care teams can determine how and what should trigger notifications and adjust as needed to reduce alert fatigue while still providing close clinical oversight to the patients that need it most. The dashboard can be customized by clinician or care team to prioritize actionable data, enabling them to focus their time where it’s needed.


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