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Dato’s PGHD architecture for quality care 

Datos transforms healthcare providers’ digital capabilities to manage PGHD

Datos has developed an easily implementable, proprietary PGHD platform that helps healthcare providers realize PGHD benefits in care delivery.

Datos’ secure, cloud-based solution:

  1. Boosts patient compliance and engagement by personalizing patient digital-health journeys

  2. Collects data from any patient device, both current and future

  3. Validates, filters and produces patient insights through Big Data algorithms and cutting-edge data validation

  4. Seamlessly integrates relevant and reliable data into the clinical workflow for quality decision making

  5. Automates care processes and time-consuming patient communications to eliminate costly call centers.

Engaging patient mobile app

Why Datos?

Insight-driven physician dashboards

Presents a holistic view of different patient populations as well as a continuous look at each patients’ personalized health progress. Embeds only the trusted and relevant data and derived insights into the existing workflow, allowing care teams to better control patients’ health and adjust treatment remotely, reducing costly clinic visits.

Personalized patient-engaged care

Enables automated communications between the healthcare provider and the patient.   Healthcare providers can easily manage and engage with remote patients, effortlessly accessing previously unavailable data, as well as provide lower cost care-related outreach.

Multiple-health conditions management

Allows remote patient management of large populations with multiple health conditions through one platform. Healthcare providers now have a true 360-degree view of each patients’ health profile.

Open IoT future-proofed platform

HIPAA-compliant platform leverages existing technologies to integrate health data streams from any current or future medical home monitoring devices. BYOD model drives healthcare providers’ cost savings and increases engagement.

White-labelled one-stop patient solution

White-labelled mobile platform helps patients better manage their health across a variety of digital monitoring devices through one easy channel. This allows healthcare providers to build a strong patient relationship and a recognized brand.

Customizable, flexible platform

Allows healthcare providers to select from either a standalone or fully integrated solution. Flexible microservice architecture enables standalone deployment within days, while protects current IT assets when fully integrated with traditional IT systems e.g. Electronic Health Records (EHR).

Insight-driven physician dashboard