Case Studies

A new
in remote

Datos was selected by a prestigious private clinic in the USA to help physicians better manage hypertension remotely. Using the Datos platform, their physicians can now monitor patient’s blood pressure anywhere and anytime, as well as receive novel medication insights. This enhanced patient view enables them to better control hypertension by optimizing and personalizing treatment to their patient’s individual lifestyle needs.

Datos is currently running an additional project expanding the monitoring capabilities of hypertensive patients in Israel.

care during
for gestational

Datos was approached by a leading USA hospital to help them improve care of pregnant women suffering from gestational diabetes and preeclampsia outside the hospital.

With women facing increasingly hectic schedules and limited time, Datos’ automated platform helps them and their physician manage their care. Patients receive automated reminders to take measurements as well as personalized messages and follow-up actions in response to their results.

This helps the hospital reduce unnecessary clinic visits and focus resources where they need it most without compromising the quality of care

Type 2

Datos has partnered with a leading healthcare provider to help them better treat diabetes Type 2 patients.

Alongside continuously monitoring their patients’ glucose measurements outside the clinic, the Datos platform also provides them with previously unattainable insights. Datos collects in real-time further information on glucose measurements regarding meals and medication. With this more complete picture, physicians can now provide a higher level of care, by changing treatment to better fit each of their patients’ daily routines.

of mind
at home

The Datos platform is helping the largest homecare agency in Israel to enhance its service offering, by providing a new level of support for both its families and patients.

The program monitors patients’ sleep and activity around the clock. The platform provides homecare workers with a more complete view of their patient‘s health and automatically alerts them to worrying behaviours. Homecare workers can now better prioritize their care, by knowing which patients need home visits more urgently and the frequency of visits needed. Families also receive automated weekly summaries that provide peace of mind for their loved ones



Working with a well recognized hospital, Datos has set up the first remote cardiovascular rehabilitation program. The program enables patients to perform their cardiovascular rehabilitation exercises at home, when and where they want, rather than having to travel routinely to the clinic.

Using the Datos platform, the care team can now continuously and proactively monitor patients’ exercise and heart rate remotely. The innovative program aims to help the hospital provide a better service and enhance patient satisfaction, by increasing clinic capacity and patient convenience.

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