Putting the ‘Care’ into Remote Healthcare


Putting the ‘Care’ into Remote Healthcare:

How far remote care has come, and where it needs to go next.

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Healthcare is at a crossroads. Although Remote Patient Monitoring has proven to be a viable component of the healthcare toolbox, uptake has been slow, due to inherent limitations in existing remote digital healthcare paradigms and the reliance on caregivers to provide patients with even the simplest feedback and guidance.

To move the quality and scope of care to the next level, while effectively leveraging existing and emerging technology, a new paradigm for remote healthcare is required – one that leverages automation to put the care into remote healthcare.

In this whitepaper you will learn:


How automated remote care differs from remote patient monitoring and virtual care


How assisted self-care benefits patients and overstretched care teams


How a patient engagement platform can improve program adherence for a variety of use cases

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